Director and Chief Instructor
Sensei Delacruz
8th Dan Kyoshi
Active Yudansha (Black Belts)

Mr. Scaglione - 5th Dan
Mr. Kondracky - 4th Dan
Ms. Rodriguez - 3rd Dan
Mr. Barzallo - 3rd Dan
Mr. Stadolnick - 2nd Dan
Mr. Kudlinski III - 2nd Dan
Ms. Hall - 1st Dan
Dai Sempai
Mr. Kudlinski
7th Dan Kyoshi
Opening in 1977, Karate World has taught hundreds of students discipline, tradition and humility. Through Karate training, students develop self-discipline, confidence, respect for others, greater focus, increased attention span and through hard work, develop new skills and higher rank. We stress safety and that Karate is for self-improvement. It should never be used to show off or hurt people. The ultimate Goal is to never have to use physical force. As a traditional school, we do not just stress the physical aspects of Karate. In our Dojo, Karate encompasses the total person. There must be a connection of the mind, body and spirit.
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